What is a Startup Weekend?
An event in which a people meet to work together to create a startup in 54 hours.

Why a women-focused Startup Weekend?
The entrepreneurial talent we see from women in Melbourne is inspiring, and we are excited about creating an event that will showcase it.

Is there a theme for the event? 
No, you can create whatever you like!

How big are the teams? 
Teams of 2 to 5 women should be formed.

What if I sign-up alone or don’t have a group? 
Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone attending. We will help everyone form and there will be lots of time to mingle and get to know other attendees.

How much does Startup Weekend Women Melbourne cost?
We are asking for each participant to pay $99 which will help us cover some of the catering costs.

Is it possible to get a ticket to  attend the presentation session at the end of the weekend? Yes, we will be selling tickets to the presentations. We are asking for a $20 donation from all participants which will go to One Girl – because EVERY girl on the planet has the right to an education. One Girl is a non-profit organisation that gives women and girls access to education. We want to see a world where women and girls are creating and leading change in their communities. http://www.onegirl.org.au/

Who is this aimed at? 
Women of any age with programming, design, user experience, business or project management skills.

What do I need to bring? 
A laptop, and a desire to contribute! You must be able to attend Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Can men attend? 
Yes, but you need to be accompanied by a female. Given the limited spaces available, priority will be given to female applicants.

What language can I code in? 
Anything you desire!

Who owns the code that I write? 
You do, unless you’re using something that belongs to someone else.

I can’t code, can I still attend? 
Yes! In fact, a well-rounded team of different skill sets is what we would like to see (Think Hipster (Design, UX, CX), Hacker (development, programming) and Hustler (marketing, business – growth hacker).

I have an idea, can I pitch it? 
Yes, we will be having time to pitch your ideas both before the event using Hacker League and on the Friday night.

I’m still not sure if I should go… 
There is great opportunity for women to get more involved and test their ideas, this is an opportunity to reinvent our environment and build conditions for both women and men to thrive and do more of what they love.